Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hard Chat

Tom Gleeson 's work on TV is such a welcome , if somewhat risky and scary thing .  He's speaking for all of us men too frightened now to speak and stand up for ourselves. He's speaking for all those facing the stultifying effects of imposed political correctness.
If we did what he did in real life we would be  stoned in the street like that bloke on the Vic Govt ad who carelessly asks his girlfriend to listen.

Peter Ustinov reminds us that comedy is just a funny way of being serious . Tom Gleeson doesn't appear to be too serious but his style enables the serious to surface  - making him a good to very good reporter as well as a comedian . 
Lets see more young people on TV especially those with experience and not handicapped by a hard controlling vein of cynicism or false optimism .People who do the calling of proper reporting .

Hard balance to hard to keep . IMO it's not the job of the ABC to make/state the issues but to report /let them hit the fan . Gleeson like Sitch is opening doors deliberately closed  .Reformation .Freedom of Speech and thought .

GK Chesterton said of his friend GB Shaw that having abandoned the idea and power of the golden rule , he was committing us all to the iron rule. Such is the situation we face when we don't teach the basics. No hard chat on resolving conflict , poor attitude self justification , projection and excuses and nice talk  etc
you add some

All hands to tha some one who scares us into weeding the garden , She could be a child .

Sunday, January 13, 2019

We have had our wings clipped -- just as well

The idea of being blessed in a small space takes a lot of getting used to ( partly because we are greedy and dissatisfied by nature and partly because it is a struggle to gain our daily bread from our small patch ) 

But this is Gods wisdom and plan for us -
That unbelievers can' t see it doesn't surprise me . They want walls where maybe none are needed or wont accept walls where they are needed ( roles and responsibility and accountability ) 
God surprises us with his ability to supply and break through the walls .

Something has to die .

I don't like the idea any more than you do - but this is the world we live in .January 2018
A huge uproar occurs in Australia when fish die in large numbers in a place where they would normally and have done for Millenia. The bigger mega fauna of Australia  couldn't cool down either in this old hard and flat land . The kangaroos and goats starved to death overmonths while the fish died suddenly .
Whats with this concern for just one animal?