Sunday, September 14, 2014

Technology worship breeds weeds we outta strangle. My vote for slower growing science

Ellul and Whitehead wouldn't probably be too surprised at the cul de sac we find ourselves in in 2014 . We talk science but we don't live it .Our kids aren't studying the hard stuff and we don't insist they do. ( not thinking clearly!) We talk love of science when Ellul said we really love technology.We invest out time and energy in thinking technology and not science os jobs in science go elsewhere and we try to live trying to manage the machinery.
 Our non scientist leaders tell us to worship something they don't understand . If our leaders really were rational and out front  they would tell us to listen to scientists and study the subject to make sure we were following the rules - hard work,  building and slow progress .
Instead we have our societies rushing to invest in the lastest  theory and substance.
We have Our ABC  advocating the Gospel of Grace by Change alone . .The presenters  don't study science and the substance of good things well enough to know that many good things don't change in nature ,  but often only change in name.

If they understood what they were doing better they would help us invest in reform rather than turn the past into refuse wasting money in reinventing, not reusing  and revolutions that go nowhere sustainable

You'll know if you read any of my stuff that I see us disippating our kids future and creating a  really flat wasteland of worshipful change .
To rework Hamlet

How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable
Seem to me all the abuses of technology in this world!
Fie on ’t, ah fie! 'Tis ( still )  an unweeded garden
That grows to seed. Things rank and gross in nature

Possess it merely as a tool.    

(Not quite the meaning but it will do )
and get on with trainng as we once did ( Physics and Chemistry) for true sustainability


  1. Unfortunately I heard our new PM Malcolm Turnbull utter the same silly shallow condemnation of the past in one of his first speeches. Whats old should not always been thrown out ! Yes I know new technology should be sought, but as CSIRO and Finkel have also reminded us, we need people to study basic sciences to KNOW which technologies of the future will be ones we should BUILD ON/ leave behind -- More money is wasted by polys in supporting experiments THEY think are important than ones WE think and KNOW are critical to clever Country . We don't need polys second guessing the future and basing their hopes on some simple faith in next week and "progress" - look at the rubbish pile our current culture generates ( where is real conservation ?) and look what UTOPIA ABC is saying bout the dictates from on high . Those who do not study the past ( and let us properly get on with our jobs - mentor others to do them ) are condemned to repeat it , Careers are only achieved by commitment and we have less and less people in them despite all the people going to universities .

  2. I noted today Victoria calls itself "the education state" - how shallow . Degrees our kids have, but not real interest in science which requires INVESTMENT in THE UNKNOWN. Our leaders are stupid enough to miss the point. The market in education only wants to INVEST in known ( ie technology ) Our renewable energy sector can die because the research money IS CONTROLLED BY ignorant polys - not scientists.
    A shallow trust in polys view of science not as it should be a trust , in scientists .A respect for those who show themselves approved in study , not the polys who sadly claim to worship the empty godhead science Independent scientists is what made the West great .Its still the ONLY WAY FORWARD.