Sunday, September 28, 2014

To weed or not to weed -is that the question?

We live in a unweeded garden hampered constantly by the unproductive and destructive. If we accept Jesus call to not  personally judge ( Wheat and tares parable) what do we do to manage the evil in our midst ?
  1. No person should be condemned whatever their sin.  Where there is life there is hope.
  2. There are weeds and they will eventually be removed . Its not wrong to be aware of evil and challenge it . 
  3. We allow from time to time the collective mind to remove some Romans 13 ( the sword) Not our job to pull them ,

    We don't know enough to know what motivates people ( it could be positive and it could be negative)We can all people in the garden to think and act positively 
  4.  we need to understand . Finkel made that excellent point in recent Festival of Dangerous ideas . Otherwise shut up and listen  Put those who know next to the microphone - real reporting rather than embedded myths and heresies 

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